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Davis McCombs, Dismal Rock

Dismal Rock serves up a variety of short poems that masterfully blend fiction and prose. Most of McComb’s poems have a title that presents the topic of the poem and then he expands from there. However, his brilliance lies within his ability to write about his topics in a somewhat conversational manner that is loaded […]

A picture is worth a thousand words…A recommendation for Natasha Trethewey’s “Bellocq’s Ophelia”

Natasha Trethewey’s second published collection, “Bellocq’s Ophelia”, is the result of research that she began while still in graduate school. She got her idea for this collection of poems from seeing E. J. Bellocq’s “Storyville Portraits”, which contained photographs of prostitutes, many of whom were women of mixed races who lived in the infamous red-light […]

Recommendation: “A Murmuration of Starlings” by Jake Adam York

“The sheriff says it wasn’t Till we pulled from the river, that man was as white as I am, white as cotton blowed by the cotton gin fan that weighed him down, looked like he’d lain there weeks, not a kid at all.” In his second published book of poetry, A Murmuration of Starlings, Jake […]

An Almost Pure Empty Walking, Tryfon Tolides

So, I’m not going to lie, I picked this book because of its title. I decided that “An Almost Pure Empty Walking” had to either be either really pretentious or just really meaningful. I’m glad to report it was the latter. Tryfon Tolides grew up in a small village in Greece before moving to America,  […]

Recommendation: “Backsass” by Fred Chappell

I think it took me about three times longer to read this book than it should have, because whenever I finished a poem, I had to get up, run into the other room, and make my roommate read it too. And then she would try to take the book away and keep reading, and I’d […]

Recommendation: R.T. Smith’s Split the Lark

R.T. Smith’s Split the Lark explores a variety of subjects through the lenses of entrapment versus freedom and also insight into the natural world.  His subjects include the entrapment of Native Americans and the Irish, an examination of birds, so often associated with ideas of freedom, and finally a fascination with the natural world in […]

Recommendation: Birds and Other Relations

Dezso Tandori has found success as a novelist, playwright, translator, and novelist but is most renowned in Hungary for his poetry. I found this slender volume in Riverby, and the cover immediately caught my eye: a pair of disembodied hands and a small bird perched on a finger. The exoticism of a famed Hungarian poet […]

The Rebel’s Silhouette

I am an avid reader of poetry and I love going outside the traditional ideas of poetry such as English and American. And so I have become a huge fan of finding foreign authors to read such as Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Faiz was born in India and has become one of the leading poets in […]

Michael Blumenthal’s Days We Would Rather Know

This is not my poem, but a poem which – if I were a citizen of another country – I would write for you. And you would love it, I’m absolutely certain.” -Poem By Someone Else Such is Michael Blumenthal’s heartful poetry, humble & austere, richly longing & playful all at once.  His words are […]

 W.H. Auden has written some of the most beautiful poetry on love that I have read. People often refer back to Shakespeare (and his sonnets) as the writer who captured love in form and while I love Shakespeare and his ability to capture passion for women I believe Auden to have taken a point of […]