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Audre Lorde’s “The Black Unicorn”

Audre Lorde’s “The Black Unicorn” addresses major themes of race, gender, sexuality, and politics. Her honest and compelling poems are often heartbreaking and speak strongly against racism and sexism in America. Much of her work incorporates African spiritual imagery and allusion which emphasize her sense of cultural and ethnic pride. However, despite the fact that […]

The Lyrics – Fanny Howe

The Lyrics is Fanny Howe’s 14th book of poetry.  She’s also a novelist, which comes across in her poetry; some of her poems appear to almost be incredibly condensed short stories.  The Lyrics is both culturally and politically conscious, without being transparent, or motivated by agenda.  The poems in general just seem to be seeking […]

Blinking With Fists by Billy Corgan

Blinking With Fists- Billy Corgan. A friend gave me a copy of Blinking with Fists after I graduated from high school. He was a staunch Pumpkins fan and I’ve scanned through it now and again finding some poems worthwhile and some poems that aren’t as worthwhile. Corgan has knack for ignoring our conventions of punctuation […]

Ginsberg lovers will appreciate Jim Carroll’s “Life at the Movies”

                         Jim Carroll’s “Life at the Movies” is a raw though excellently eloquent recount and embodiment of life in the city. In his poetry, he draws upon strong themes of love, sex, friendship, and drugs, as well as incorporates into it specifically urban elements such as city transportation and work in order to create […]

Mary Oliver

I recommend Mary Oliver’s “New and Selected Poems” to everyone. This book of poetry is absolutely amazing! I found myself completely absorbed in it and was unable to rip myself away. Her word choice, imagery, use of form, are only some of the things I have come to love about this poet. Her poems are […]

Stanley Plumly

I recommend Stanley Plumley’s book of Poetry entitled “Old Hearts” to everyone. “Old Hearts” is a series of poems that deal with the relationships that build, and impact, our hearts. The poems are not arranged as if they go from childhood to adulthood, but as you read this book you will find that there are […]

Brad’s Poems

Sorry this post is late; I’m not quite satisfied with the revisions I made, but oh well. “Graveyard” She walks through the front gate silently, shutting it with a loud click. A flock of birds scatter. A swing sags as it slowly rocks with the whistling wind, causing the rusted chains to creak and break […]

Memoir of the Hawk, James Tate

If it is at all possible to be surreally realistic, then James Tate’s Memoir of the Hawk is.  In “Beauty Prizes,” the speaker has a conversation with a parrot named Pascal he finds in his garden.  The bird then flies away and refuses to come back… Was it something that I had said? I was […]

Review – Shadow of Heaven by Ellen Bryant Voigt

When Professor Emerson handed me this book, she said something along the lines of “This is one of my favorite books, but don’t feel obligated to love it.”  I’d be lying if I said that didn’t make me a little nervous!  I loan out books kto roommates and friends all the time, and I’m terrified […]

Review – The Clearing by Philip White

The Clearing, the winner of the Walt McDonald First Book prize, is a collection of poetry by Philip White, the majority of which were written to and about his recently deceased wife covering many topics, from the life they shared to the life he finds himself living now.  The way Philip White writes about grief […]