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Brad’s Poems

Sorry this post is late; I’m not quite satisfied with the revisions I made, but oh well.


She walks through the front gate silently,
shutting it with a loud click.
A flock of birds scatter.

A swing sags as it slowly rocks with the whistling wind,
causing the rusted chains to creak and break
along the interwoven links.

Hollow jewelry and action figures remain buried
beneath disparate mounds of pebbles.
She still can’t find the earring she lost.

The jack of hearts is stuck in a fence,
blurred from heavy rain showers.
The sole survivor of the fifty-two.

The cheap plastic slide strains
from prolonged exposure to the sun.
The bright yellow faded to brown.

She runs along the dirt track,
losing herself in the upheaved dust.
Her eyes water and burn.

The lush grass has given way to dry brown fields that
do not wave in the spring or glow in the summer.
Now only the weeds and gumballs remain.

“Ode to Calvin and Hobbes”

The aliens came
from a deep pocket of space
in a luminous ship
that never stood in one place.
It soared through the stars
and eclipsed the moon.
Earth knew they were near
and would come very soon.

They decided to land
out over the ocean
to no small amount
of earthling commotion.
A hatch slowly opened,
revealing their spy.
It was a glowing white orb
that blinked like an eye.

Immediately it began
an insane mission.
It flew through the sky
with wild ambition.
It silently traveled
to all inhabited places
in order to steal
everyone’s faces.

The earthlings were upset
at this bit of bad luck,
Every city and town
soon ran amuck.
Without any faces,
no one knew who was who.
They screamed, “Why us?”
No one knew what to do.

Another hatch opened up,
and the aliens said,
“You’re clearly upset,
but at least you aren’t dead.
We only traveled here
because we were bored.
Just be glad, for a moment,
you entertained our great lord.”

These are the only two I feel confident in putting up. Please cast your vote in the comment section.