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spam poetry

These fine works of literature needed a fancier home than my spam folder. I’ve been collecting them, waiting for the day I’d have enough to justify posting them here. Last night, the spam fairy visited twice, so I think I’m ready.


Moment —only i get so sleepy. If he will but if back of the
house. At last he found what he was lantern and hiding it
with the skirt of her long double time. Knighton was overjoyed.
he had found at the table. Carton, with his right hand in


Is young and she’s goodlookingthat’s enough. And maddened
13, passion, he had committ the crime, school.’ that will
touch st. Peter, who will answer: to some people was as
vital and fundamental as then, with a grin, he handed them
to the police.

Nothing can seduce women faaster than a…

What freedom meant in their cases, but i never of the midnight
meridian, ormiles east of my startingpoint and satiny i
love your mouth with its rosesweet movements indicating
a prevailing spirit of worldly features of healthful civilization,
inward and.

Your Acccount Was Banned

To their respective quarters. Meanwhile those with mind numbering
as the eleventh. One should will continue to serve the king
well. Your most i am so sorry. Claudia keith. With a sudden
surrender by the same way as yesterday, and julie followed.

Out for the next youngest sonmeaning the tuscarorasto infracto
remo neque columbae collo commoveri. Disposition, on obtaining
wealth, cannot treat out of countenance. Red said things
under his in which she was unable to do anything for months..

Devouring the air. Then at the command of the i think it
was, i but before she had made the be done and what should
not. What should be done must surely be made of steel when
he could at perhapsnotall of us. Yes, sah, all of us. The.

‘at my expense, i presume.’ ‘yes! I will denounce people
sit down to play bridge and one, the odd hope to act the
other way, said jock. Get your he could shut up like a clam
if he li?d ‘ ‘so, perhaps if he had done so, he would have


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